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Translation of Argentine drivers License

The Consulate does not issue Argentine driver licenses, nor does it renew expired ones. If you lose your driver license, or if it expires, you must get a new one in Argentina or at the US Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). According to Argentine law and international practice, the Consulate cannot assist you in obtaining a driver license.

However, the Consulate can provide you with an official translation into English of your Argentine driver license when required by the DMV in order to allow you to drive or to acquire an American driver license. Please be aware that according to local legislation, a consular translation per se does not allow the holder to drive without a valid driver license.


  1. Valid Argentine driver license (not expired)
  2. Money order for U$S 40 to pay the consular fee (payable to Consulate General of Argentina in New York). Money orders can be purchased at any bank or post office. Post offices closest to the Consulate are located at Rockefeller Center, 610 Fifth Avenue, tel. (212)265-3854; and 322 West 52nd Street (at Eighth Ave.), tel. (212)265-6677.

The translation can be obtained in person at the Consulate or by submitting all the information by mail.


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