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THE CONSULATE GENERAL OF ARGENTINA IN NEW YORK presents T presenta Marcelo Toledo - Ancestral

Post date: 02/10/2023


Marcelo Toledo is an Argentine sculptor, goldsmith and artist. His sculptures extend the knowledge acquired in goldsmithing. Although they are larger in scale than the usual jewelry, the figures are ethereal and seem to detach themselves from the force of gravity.


Marcelo has made jewelry pieces for several US presidents, such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump. He also performed works for Queen Elisabeth of England; Queen Maxima of Holland; the kings of Spain Juan Carlos and Sofia and other royal figures. Among the celebrities for whom he has done work are Madonna; Ricky Martin, Antonio Banderas, Robert de Niro.



In this exhibition titled Ancestral Intelligence, the artist invites us to connect with our original roots through hanging sculptures made with textile techniques, masks chiseled in copper, natural fibers from aboriginal communities and Latin American identity art.



Wednesday, October 4th, 6:00 pm

12 West 56th st New York NY 10019


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