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Argentine Digital Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination

Updated date: 09/09/2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Digital Certificate



What is it?

It is a digital credential available in My Argentina that certifies that the vaccine was applied to you.



Who can access the digital certificate?

If you were vaccinated against COVID-19 you can see your vaccination certificate in My Argentina. Download the application, create your account and validate your identity.



What information does it have?

The credential contains your info: name, last name, ID number; and the vaccine data: name, batch and number of doses; the place and date where it was applied.



Where do you obtain the data from?

Each jurisdiction is responsible for providing the information of each person who is vaccinated.


Where do I report errors in my credential?

If you see a certificate and you were not vaccinated, or your credential has errors in your data or that of the vaccine, you can report it to the National Health System, and together with the corresponding jurisdiction they can make the necessary correction.



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