Consulado General y Centro de Promoción en Nueva York

Inquiry of Police Records


This certificate is issued by the National Registry of Criminal Records (Registro Nacional de Reincidencia) upon request of the interested party, in order to be presented to local authorities.


  1. Complete forms “Solicitud de antecedentes para uso en el exterior” and "Autorization".Complete all fields, except for signature and fingerprints, which must be filled at the consulate.
  2. DNI (National Identification Document)
  3. Argentine passport and identity card issued by the Argentine Federal Police (if you had it)
  4. Contact information of relative or friend in Argentina, who will be in charge of getting the certificate at the National Registry of Criminal Records
  5. Money order for U$S 70 to pay the consular fee. Money orders can be purchased at any bank or post office. Post offices closest to the Consulate are located at Rockefeller Center, 610 Fifth Avenue, tel. (212)265-3854; and 322 West 52nd Street (at Eighth Ave.), tel. (212)265-6677.


The interested party should appear in person at the Consulate in order to obtain their fingerprints and sign the form. This form will be then sent to a relative or friend in Argentina, who will present it to the National Registry of Criminal Records to get the certificate. Once obtained, this document must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Argentina or must have affixed the Hague Apostille, and then it should be mailed to the interested party.

The cost of these procedures can be check at: Registro Nacional de Reincidencia

As an exception, if the interested party has no relatives or friends in Argentina, the Consulate can get the certificate on their behalf, case in which they should bring to the consulate the documentation described in points 1, 2, and 4. The procedure takes approximately 3 months. After this period, the Consulate will issue a certificate in accordance with the information received from Argentina. This has a fee of U$S 40, which must be paid by money order only at the time of pick up (This is in addition to the fee paid at the beginning of the process)


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