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Argentinian Film at FILM FORUM - "LE TEMPS PERDU" directed by Mária Álvarez

Post date: 16/08/2022

In commemoration of the centennial of Proust's death: This immersive documentary follows a group of elderly literati who’ve met regularly for 20 years in a Buenos Aires cafe to read aloud and discuss Proust's 3,000-page, 7-volume masterpiece In Search of Lost Time. Edmund White writes: “Proust has become the premier novelist of the 20th century.” The staying power of his opus is deep and wide: Virginia Woolf swooned in admiration ("Oh if I could write like that!"); Andy Warhol and Monty Python parodied him; Alain de Botton wrote a bestseller (How Proust Can Change Your Life); and contemporary cultural icons from Tony Soprano’s therapist to Haruki Murakami reference his work. María Álvarez’s approach is itself Proustian in its patience and elegance, shot over four years, during which the group completes a single read of the novel. Eavesdropping on their interstitial chatter -- how the novel weaves into or triggers memories from their lives -- is as poignant, romantic, and enthralling as the source of their inspiration.

With support from the Ada Katz Fund for Literature in Film, the Robert E. Appel Fund for Spanish and Portuguese Language Film, and the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation Fund.


With the support of the Consulate General of Argentina in New York


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